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Common Problem

How is the storage shelf price calculated?

Guangzhou Dingli Warehousing for more than 10 years has been committed to the research and development, design and production of modern warehousing, logistics and logistics technology. It is a comprehensive enterprise that provides free door-to-the-door measurement, planning, design, distribution, installation and other one-stop services.Dingli company has a strong technical strength and product development ability, with excellent quality of leading technology, unique design, practical functions, reasonable price to provide satisfactory products and quality services for the majority of new customers.For more details on the shelf products, please log on the Dali Alibaba Store: https://shop39784qw0895r8.1688.com/?spm=a262jn.11251430.0.0.1f2d5597w0i0dT or call the full 24-hour service hotline: 020-82002201 / 18102581498!

What about the shuttle shelf guide rail being damaged? Guangzhou shelf factory provides free doo

The vision of Guangzhou Shving Factory is to let every enterprise have accurate, efficient, intelligent and visual warehousing and logistics system solutions! Really for the sake of customers, to become the intimate housekeeper of the warehouse! Welcome to the new and old customers to consult: 18102581498!

When customizing storage shelves, is the scheme design really not important?

After so many years of customizing storage shelves, one after another has found that some customers are first looking for a rough understanding of the prices of storage shelves factories in batches, and then according to the quotations of all manufacturers, select a few to make detailed quotations for the final handsome selection. It's normal to shop around, but if you don't know the manufacturer's information, just choose a rough quotation, and many situations will inevitably occur later.

It is recommended to let professional engineers design the warehouse shelf plan

We found that some customers just listed the number of warehouse shelves needed based on their own ideas, including specifications, load-bearing, main and auxiliary shelves, etc., and sent them directly to the warehouse shelf factory for quotation. Nor did it consider how to cleverly avoid some obstructions such as warehouse pillars, which is not desirable.

Purchasing storage shelves, after-sales service is far more important than you think

The purchase of many things requires after-sales service, and the purchase of storage shelves is no exception. However, before purchasing, people often feel that this after-sales service is invisible and intangible, so they blindly focus on the price. This is actually very unwise.

Guangzhou shelves teach you how to absorb moisture in warehouses

Is warehouse dehumidification a problem that companies are bothering about? Today I will talk to you about how the warehouse absorbs moisture. Warehouse moisture absorption can be divided into static moisture absorption and dynamic moisture absorption:
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Address: Youbao Industrial Park, No.17 Xiangshan Middle Road, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

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